Learn how to apply for a job the right way! At Career Calling, you'll get all the information and extras you need to enter into professional life. There will also be a lot of fun elements like a ball pit, photo booth and more.

Live and online sessions

During live or online sessions, get to know companies at eye level in workshops, case studies, and more. Sign up quickly - 40 people can participate in a session.

These employers are holding sessions:


During online speeches, we give you tips on application documents, salary, or job interviews, and you learn how to really convince. Secure a spot or join spontaneously.

Application photo

Smile please! Get a free application photo from a professional photographer at Messe Wien. Be quick and secure a time slot on the day of the event and have your photo taken.

CV check/LinkedIn check

Employers at Messe Wien check whether your résumé and social media profile contain all the essential information in a clear and well-presented way. Secure your time slot quickly on the day of the event and have your résumé ready.

These employers are offering CV or LinkedIn checks: