Program highlights

Get prepared - keynote speeches, insight sessions, panels, company pitches, and more enhanced your know-how on application.

Keynote Speeches and Insight Sessions

On 21 and 22 October, 2,170 joined the keynote speeches of Ali Mahlodji “Love what you do“, Patrik Ruhdorfer ”Fit at the office“, and Tristan Horx „Megatrends in work“, as well as the 45 insight sessions of participating companies. Unique insights included. The next opportunity for exclusive career keynote speeches will be Career Calling 21.


Your studies are coming to an end, the future starts NOW. And you want to make a difference, change things, and contribute your share – for your team/your company/the world.

How and where can you launch into your career? What are possible career paths? Do you want to go abroad? See the big picture? Or rather tweak details? And what skills are becoming more important?

At „Being a future leader“, the conversation revolved around qualifications that promise success, and the question of how to write your own, individual success story.

On the dais were:

Will everything remain different? Or be new? 2020 has turned our lives and the world of work upside down. Online calls and work from home have become the new normal, at least in the medium run.

But what will the world of work look like in a year from now? What will the working conditions be like? And: How do you start a new job while social distancing?

At “Working 2021”, the job market and the working conditions pre- and post-corona were addressed with a focus on digitization.

On the dais were:

Company pitches

We turned the tables – companies competed for your attention with 3 questions:

  • What do you have that other companies don‘t?
  • An ungoogleble fact
  • 3 tips on how to convince with my application