Program highlights

Get prepared – keynote speeches, insight sessions, panels, company pitches, and more will enhance your know-how on application.

Keynote speeches

LIVE! All eyes on … Get inspiration from speakers at Career Calling Digital Days on today’s hot topics.

Teaser: Information on speakers and topics will be available here from mid-September.

Here’s how: Keynote speeches will be streamed live on 21 and 22 October at 10 a.m. as part of the opening. Tune in, be there, take off – no pre-registration required!

Insight sessions

LIVE! During 45-minute long insight sessions, Career Calling employers will show you how to start a new job the right way. Up to 30 other participants will join you in a webinar, workshop, talk, or fireside chat. Unique insights into companies included.

Teaser: Insight sessions will be online from 7 October.

Here’s how: Starting 7 October, you will be able to register for insight sessions. Go, go, go – there are 30 slots per session – first come, first served.


4 company representatives in conversation with Philipp Hansa –  that’s what makes up the panels at Career Calling Digital Days.

At „Being a future leader“, the conversation revolves around qualifications that promise success, and the question of how to write your own, individual success story.

At “Working 2021”, the job market and the working conditions pre- and post-corona will be addressed with a focus on digitization.

Teaser: Information on the companies on stage will be available here from mid-September.

Here’s how: No stress, no worries. The panels will be pre-recorded at WU and available at any time in the event tool.

Company pitches

We turn the tables – companies compete for your attention with 3 questions:

  • What do you have that other companies don‘t?
  • An ungoogleble fact
  • 3 tips on how to convince with my application

Here’s how: The pitches can be found online in the companies’ profiles from 7 October and will be available on demand. Who will convince you?