At a glance

Let’s get ready to rumble … This is how you can attend Career Calling Digital Days:

September 13

Go, go, gooooo: Get your entry ticket for Career Calling Digital Days. Make your profile shiny until October 6 - now's the perfect time!

Get connected

Share your profile and become a talent database highflyer. The more complete your information, the better. For one thing, completed profiles are prioritized in the search. Also, this will make companies curious about you. For instance, by describing your professional experience in detail, you will offer employers unique insights into who you are and what kind of work and company you are interested in going forward. Uploading your CV will also increase the chances of being discovered by employers.

October 6

The action begins – jobs, company profiles, pitches, and registration for insight sessions and speeches are online.

Plan your schedule for October 20 and 21! 1-1 chats and insight sessions can only be joined if arranged/registered in advance.

October 20 + 21

Live, Live, LIVE!!! We are online – what about you?

October 20 is your day to learn more about employers and prepare for your application. Plan your schedule ahead of time: Which insight sessions and speeches would you like to join? For spontaneous attendees: drop by Q&A live booths between 10 and 11 a.m., or check out company profiles, jobs, and pitches. 

On October 21, it's time for 1-1 chats with employers. Request a chat with a company representative, or share your profile in the talent database and get invited. Q&A live booths, company profiles, jobs, and pitches can, again, be accessed spontaneously.

Boost your career with Career Calling Digital Days! Up to 65 employers and lots of insider information on application and job entry during and after studies are waiting for you!