Career Calling participation is free of charge. However, access to the career fair is limited to students and young graduates looking for a job, so please register in advance. You will then get your login details.

No, registration is required to attend Career Calling. Only then will you gain access to the exclusive event platform, gain entry to Messe Wien, and become part of the Career Calling community. What to expect? Lots of jobs, employers, sessions, speeches, and CV checks to enhance your application know-how. And much, much more ...

Of course. There are many features that can be accessed on demand from August 30 to December 1 (which is when the event platform Talentspace will be closed), like jobs and company profiles. However, employers will only be live at Messe Wien on October 11 – and then available online from October 12-25. If you’d like to request a video 1:1 chat, check the schedule on Talentspace.

Career Calling is a career event for students and young graduates from all universities and FHs in Austria. The employers attending Career Calling only bring information and jobs for this target group, so participation only makes sense if you have an academic background. 

Networking always makes sense and employers welcome it. However, please note that employers will bring primarily internships or entry-level positions, and positions for the first career step with them.

Yes and no. Most Austrian employers use German as their corporate language, so they do require it. Still, each year there are also a few international companies where German language skills are not a prerequisite.

Yes, of course! Especially when you have no professional experience on your CV, personal contacts can give you an edge! You can also use Career Calling to meet various employers in one day. This way, you can find out where you’d like to work later on.

No problem! Just click "Forgot password" on the login page and follow the instructions.


If you would like to talk about entry-level positions at Career Calling, it is best to prepare your résumé in advance. The WU and BOKU career centers offer special counseling sessions for this purpose. Starting August 30, you will be able to view jobs and company profiles on the Career Calling event platform and get essential information in advance that will be useful on the days of the event. Schedule 1:1 chats, fill out your profile, and don't forget to secure a spot in sessions or speeches. If, however, you would like to use the Career Calling event primarily to learn more about your opportunities after graduation, you are, of course, also welcome to drop by spontaneously - best on October 11 at Messe Wien with lots of event feeling.

From October 2, click on a company profile, select an employee in the "1-1 Chat" tab and send a 1-1 chat request. Once the request is accepted, you will have to select a time slot – now your chat is set. Just log in at the agreed date and time and get started. Tip: Check the tool's mailbox on a regular basis to see which of your requests have been accepted.

Select the "Program" tab on Talentspace, click on a date, and sign up for a session/speech by clicking the "Register" button - and join at the specified time, either live or online. For a CV check or application photo, secure a time slot in the career zone from 10 a.m. on the day of the live event.

It is up to you. If you do apply for vacancies in advance, then address it directly at Career Calling – your application documents may have stuck in their memory. If you apply afterwards, don’t forget to reference your fair conversation in your application letter.

There are only a few mandatory fields, so for the most part you can decide for yourself whether you want to fill them out or not. But: The more information you provide, the higher your chances of being discovered by employers. For one thing, completed profiles are prioritized in the search. Also, this will make companies curious about you. A bar in your profile will let you know the status of your completion.


On the day of the event

Your registration is your entrance ticket. At the check-in at Messe Wien, you will be asked to scan a QR code that will “check you in” on the Career Calling event platform Talentspace. You can then enter the Career Calling event world.

No, you can attend Career Calling however you want. Whether you want to stop by for an hour or be online for several hours on both days – we look forward to seeing you. However, please note that parts of the event program, such as CV checks, live and online sessions, or speeches, will only be available at a certain time and may require registration in advance.

The live event day on October 11 is, of course, at the heart of Career Calling. Use fair stands to get talking to employers. Or schedule 1:1 chats with company representatives to talk about job entry and application. Live and online sessions offer opportunities for interaction as well.

Each employer has its own company profile, where you can find facts & figures, FAQs, and jobs. The profile is online from August 30 to December 1. You can also participate in sessions and speeches to get to know companies and their employees better. And of course: Take advantage of the fair stands on October 11 at Messe Wien. Employers will be happy to give you insights into their job opportunities.

Away from the hustle and bustle of the live event day at Messe Wien, you can have more concrete conversations in video 1:1 chats – for specific positions or about the application process itself. It's a quiet setting that may lead to a second interview. It also gives you the opportunity to talk to the person responsible for your area of studies – be it HR or management.