60 Minutes: Muss nur noch kurz die Welt retten

11.45-12.45, Workshop Area, Stand F11

Most employers value social skills. So, how can you best showcase your social skills in the application process? Commitment besides work and study is one way. In 60 Minutes „Muss nur noch kurz die Welt retten“, Doctors Without Borders, Porsche and start-up mentor Kambis Kohansal will provide insight into how your commitment is beneficial for your application. And how to make the most of it on your CV.

The workshop will be held in German.

At 60 Minutes you spring into action yourself!

In the fishbowl setting you will be able to participate actively in the discussion or just listen - whichever you prefer.
Take this opportunity and work together with HR experts on what impulses you can gain for your career path through volunteer/non-university activities. Which learned skills can you take with you for your future career? How does your commitment best fit into your CV? You can also share your experiences with colleagues.

After the workshop you will be ready for first conversations at the Career Calling fair stands.

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P.S.: Participation is free of charge!

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